New Year’s in Turin in Italy.

Late in December 2012 my wife Agnes and I travelled to Turin from Malta with Ryan Air. The flight took less than two hours to get to the destination. We wanted to celebrate New Year and my birthday there. We managed to find a very good hotel which was close to the train station ‘Porta Nuova’.
My aim of every journey is to shoot many subjects which can be used for exhibitions and competitions. If I see something I like I do not shy away from shooting a frame or two, at least.

Most locals know it is the city, the famous soccer team Juventus hails from. Although my aim was to visit their stadium, there was so many other places to see that I had to leave it for the next time. In a tour of only seven days you are bound to miss a few places, hopefully for another visit.

Turin or Torino has a rich culture and history, and is known for its numerous churches, palaces, museums and art galleries, a few of which I managed to visit. In all I shot over 1500 photos, that averages 214 per day of the visit.

We were lucky that the weather was excellent for that time of year, so due to that I could walk for many hours, with a map and my photo equipment. The amazing Italian food and wine are another reason why we like to go to Italy. Turin is famous for its use of aromatic herbs, fish and extra virgin olive oil. It is also known as the Italian capital of sweets, especially its mouth-watering chocolate. Famous wines from the region are Barolo, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera. For me you get the best of many things in one place.